Oxford Heaterz - Heated Grip Set
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Oxford Heaterz - Heated Grip Set

A LH and RH pair of heated grips with controller and fuseable link.
If you're going to do heated grips on your bike, one of the best ways is to run it direct powered from the battery, and not by splicing into the stock wiring harness, and that's exactly what this heated grips set by Oxford does.
Grip length is 123mm
Has an optional (but recommended) Battery Saver Setting, which automatically shuts off the unit if battery voltage drops below 10.5V.
Maximum Temp 122F / 50C
Rainproof, silicone coated control switch allows for easy use with gloves.
Draws under 4 amps.
These grips are designed as a replacement for the handlebar grips already fitted to the motorcycle. They will fit onto most motorcycles that use 7/8" (22mm) Ø handlebars. Each grip has an open end to allow the bar end weight to be refitted without the need to trim the grip. The standard length of the grip is 4.84" (123mm). External grip diameter is 1.31" (33.3mm)
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