Motorex 80W90 Gearbox** Oil  REAR DIFFERENTIAL/REAR HUB Oil
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Motorex 80W90 Gearbox Oil

Moto Guzzi and Vespa Rear Differential** / CARC hub oil**

80W90 is the oil weight specified for all Moto Guzzi C.A.R.C. Hubs on 1100 and 1200 8V engines. (Capacity is 380mL).

80W90 is the oil weight specified for the final drive on Ural Motorcycles. (110cc for 1WD / 135cc for 2WD)

1 Liter Size

Extreme Pressure properties, allows easy lubrication of motorcycle clutch-transmission groups and final reduction wheel hubs on scooters.

Reduces wear on wet clutch and gearbox. Avoid blockages in ball bearings. Safe for all seasons and all climates.

Designed to API GL-5 specifications

Vespa specifies 80W/90 Rear hub oil for the following models:

  • '06-'10 GTS 250 [all variants] (capacity is 250cc)
  • '06-'20 GTS 300 [all variants] (capacity is 250cc)
  • '07-'10 GTV 250 (capacity is 250cc)
  • '10-'20 GTV 300 [all variants] (capacity is 250cc)
  • '05-'09 GranTurismo 200 (capacity is 150cc)
  • Primavera 150 (capacity is 270cc)
  • Sprint 150 (capacity is 270cc)
  • 946 & 946 Bellissima (capacity is 270cc)
  • Fly 150 3V (capacity is 270cc)
  • '06-'14 LX150
  • Elettrica (capacity 250cc)

Piaggio Specifies 80W/90 Rear hub oil for the following models:

  • BV 200 ( Capicity is 150cc)
  • BV 250 (250cc)
  • BV 300 (250cc)
  • '13-'15 BV 350 (500cc)
  • '16-'20 BV 350 ABS (500cc)
  • BV 500 (250cc)
  • '07-'11 MP3 500 (250cc)
  • '16-'20 MP3 500 Sport/Business ABS (250cc)

Aprilia specifies 80W/90 Rear hub oil for the following models:

  • '06-'08 SportCity 250 (capacity is 250cc)
  • '08-'11 SportCity Cube 250/300 (capacity is 250cc)
  • '04-'06 Scarabeo 250 (capacity is 250cc)

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**Please note: Confusingly, Moto Guzzi technical literature refers to the Rear Differential / CARC hub as the "Transmission." This is something to bear in mind when performing service operations on your Moto Guzzi.

Products specifications
20042006ApriliaScarabeo 250
20062008ApriliaSport City 250
20082012ApriliaSport City Cube 250/300
20142019ApriliaSR50 Motard 50cc 4T 4V
20072008Moto Guzzi1200 Sport Breva
20052008Moto GuzziBreva 1100
20062011Moto GuzziCalifornia 1100 Vintage
20062016Moto GuzziNorge 1200
20082009Moto GuzziStelvio 8V
20102011Moto GuzziStelvio 8V NTX ABS
20122017Moto GuzziStelvio NTX ABS
20062009PiaggioBV250 (Headlight in Fairing)
20142019PiaggioFly 150ie 3V
20072012PiaggioMP3 500
20162021PiaggioMP3 500
20162019PiaggioMP3 500 Sport/Business ABS
20052009VespaGranTurismo 200
20052010VespaGTS 250, GTS 250 Super
20072010VespaGTV 250
Products specifications
Year/Make/Model2004-2006 Aprilia Scarabeo 250
Year/Make/Model2006-2008 Aprilia Sport City 250
Year/Make/Model2008-2012 Aprilia Sport City Cube 250/300
Year/Make/Model2014-2019 Aprilia SR50 Motard 50cc 4T 4V
Year/Make/Model2007-2008 Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport Breva
Year/Make/Model2005-2008 Moto Guzzi Breva 1100
Year/Make/Model2006-2011 Moto Guzzi California 1100 Vintage
Year/Make/Model2006-2016 Moto Guzzi Norge 1200
Year/Make/Model2008-2009 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 8V
Year/Make/Model2010-2011 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 8V
Year/Make/Model2012-2017 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX ABS
Year/Make/Model2006-2009 Piaggio BV250 (Headlight in Fairing)
Year/Make/Model2009-2012 Piaggio BV300
Year/Make/Model2013-2015 Piaggio BV350
Year/Make/Model2022-2023 Piaggio BV400
Year/Make/Model2005-2009 Piaggio BV500
Year/Make/Model2014-2019 Piaggio Fly 150ie 3V
Year/Make/Model2007-2012 Piaggio MP3 500
Year/Make/Model2016-2021 Piaggio MP3 500
Year/Make/Model2016-2019 Piaggio MP3 500 Sport/Business ABS
Year/Make/Model2019-2021 Vespa Elettrica
Year/Make/Model2005-2009 Vespa GranTurismo 200
Year/Make/Model2005-2010 Vespa GTS 250, GTS 250 Super
Year/Make/Model2007-2010 Vespa GTV 250
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