Matris Cartridge Kit  For '11-'16 Shiver 750 with Sachs* Forks
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^*Photo above may not show current fork cap design. Matris, being Italian, likes to subtly restyle the cap at least once a year, so the fork cap you get may not be 100% identical to the photo.

Matris Cartridge Kit For '11-'16 Shiver 750 with Sachs*** Forks

Matris can boast a relationship with Aprilia's prestigious Corse department that has lasted over 15 years. The hard won experience that Matris has gained in helping Aprilia win over a dozen world championships can now benefit you as you seek to make your Aprilia, just that much better.

This Cartridge Kit is made from all non-cast parts and features a 20mm cartridge body with a 12mm pumping rod.

The cartridge kit features spring pre-load adjustment, rebound valve adjustment, and compression valve adjustment.

This kit will dramatically improve the front end behavior for Shiver owners who would like a much better front end feel and increased confidence when exploring the limits of riding.

Kit includes all needed parts for installation and instructions for fitting. The fitting instructions assume a very high level of understanding and mechanical aptitude. The kit will also require Showa-type spring compressor tool. To aid in installation, AF1 Racing includes the official Aprilia Fork Service manual as a digital download with this product.

*Professional installation is absolutely mandatory. No exceptions. Over the years we have found that 100% of all kits returned were completely correct and could be installed without issue on locally serviced bikes. In other words, all allegedly wrong kits were attributable to user error. For this reason, we insist that all Matris fork and cartridge kits are professionally installed.

While not required for assembly, Matris does offer a special No-Mar fork cap tool that allows tightening of the fork caps with no tooling marks.

The Kit includes one liter of 5W oil.

Installation instructions and warranty information are included

***Please note: This kit is for Sachs brand forks only. Sachs brand forks will have the fork cap style seen in the image at the bottom of this page:

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