Matris M46K-IK Rear Shock for '19-'23 V85 TT  Features Compression, Rebound, Length, and Knob adjustable hydraulic spring preload 
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^*Photo above may not show current design. Matris, being Italian, likes to subtly restyle the some element of the shock at least once a year, so we can not guarantee the shock(s) will be 100% identical to the photo.

Matris M46K-IK Rear Shock

For '19-'23 V85 TT (all variants)

Features Compression, Rebound, Length, and Knob Adjustable Hydraulic Spring Preload.

Italian made and multi-adjustable, so that you can dial in just the right kind of behavior from the rear end of your Moto Guzzi.

Computerized engineering systems are used to design, project and produce all the components and only materials of high-end technical and mechanical characteristics are used.

High precision machining with the objective of reducing weight and friction to improve sliding, high temperature stability, fine damping adjustment to ensure greatest sensitivity and confidence to the rider (the difference in damping is easily perceptible with every click adjustment).

• Two-way adjustable hydraulic shock.

• Separate pressurized expansion tank (Nitrogen gas N2) with fully floating piston.

• The cylinders are made from Alu alloy (Al 7075).

• Main piston D.46 mm with flow dynamics specially designed for better control of the suspension movements.

• Piston shaft D.16 mm made from high tensile alloy Steel, hard Chrome coatted.

• Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.

• All Aluminum alloy components are anodized

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