Liqui-Moly Full Synthetic Fork Oil Available in 5W, 7.5W, 10W, or 15W Sold in 1 Liter Bottles
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Liqui-Moly Full Synthetic Fork Oil

Available in 5W, 7.5W, 10W, or 15W

Sold in 1 Liter Bottles

Full synthetic fork and shock-absorber oil. Reduces shear losses and provides sure handling performance even after long use. Prevents foam formation and seal hardening. Good corrosion and wear protection to provide long service life.

Some applications listed below:

  • RS660 ~468ccm per leg; 7.5W
  • Tuono 660 ~468ccm per leg; 7.5W
  • '21 RSV4 1100 (base model) ~421ccm per leg; 5w
  • '17-'20 RSV4 RR 421ccm per leg; 5w
  • '21 Tuono V4 1100 (base model) ~463ccm per leg; 5w-10w
  • '17-'20 Tuono V4 1100 RR ~463ccm per leg; 5w-10w
  • '11-'12 RSV4-R APRC 430ccm per leg; 5w-10w
  • '11-'12 Tuono V4 430ccm per leg; 5w-10w
  • '11-'12 Dorsoduro 441ccm per leg
  • '06-'10 RS125 430ccm per leg; 5w
  • '98-'03 Mille (Showa) 520ccm per leg; 5W
  • '00-'03 Falco (Showa) 520ccm per leg; 5W
  • '02-'05 Tuono (Showa) 520ccm per leg; 5W
  • '04-'09 RSVR (Showa) 520ccm per leg; 5W
  • '06-'10 Tuono (Showa) 520ccm per leg; 5W
  • '09-'10 RSV4-R (Showa) 520ccm per leg; 5W
  • '01-'04 Futura 553ccm per leg; 5W
  • '01-'03 CapoNord 553ccm per leg; 5W
  • '04-'07 CapoNord 750ccm per leg; 5W
  • '08-'15 Mana, Mana GT 498ccm per leg; 5W
  • '18-'19 Shiver 900; 5W
  • '07-'09 Shiver 535ccm per leg; 5W
  • '18-'19 Dorsoduro 900; 5W (air gap 147mm)
  • '09-'16 Dorsoduro; 5W (air gap 147mm)

Sold each, 1L size.  Most fork rebuilds require 2L.

Datasheet in .pdf format

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Products specifications
20012003ApriliaCaponord ETV 1000
20042007ApriliaCaponord ETV 1000
20092016ApriliaDorsoduro 750
20182021ApriliaDorsoduro 900
20082015ApriliaMana GT/Mana
19992003ApriliaMille, Mille-R
20032003ApriliaMille, Mille-R
20012004ApriliaRST Futura
20212022ApriliaRSV4 1100 (base model)
20112012ApriliaRSV4-R APRC
20042009ApriliaRSVR, RSVR Factory
20182019ApriliaShiver 900
20212022ApriliaTuono V4 1100 (Base Model)
Products specifications
Year/Make/Model2001-2003 Aprilia Caponord ETV 1000
Year/Make/Model2004-2007 Aprilia Caponord ETV 1000
Year/Make/Model2009-2016 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
Year/Make/Model2018-2021 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900
Year/Make/Model2000-2003 Aprilia Falco
Year/Make/Model2008-2015 Aprilia Mana GT/Mana
Year/Make/Model1999-2003 Aprilia Mille, Mille-R
Year/Make/Model2003 Aprilia Mille, Mille-R
Year/Make/Model2006-2010 Aprilia RS125
Year/Make/Model2001-2004 Aprilia RST Futura
Year/Make/Model2021-2022 Aprilia RSV4 1100 (base model)
Year/Make/Model2011-2012 Aprilia RSV4R APRC
Year/Make/Model2004-2009 Aprilia RSVR, RSVR Factory
Year/Make/Model2018-2019 Aprilia Shiver 900
Year/Make/Model2002-2005 Aprilia Tuono
Year/Make/Model2006-2010 Aprilia Tuono
Year/Make/Model2021-2022 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 (Base Model)