K-Tech Fork Dust Seals, Sachs/Showa, Sold as a PAIR
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K-Tech Fork Dust Seals, Sachs/Showa,  Sold as a PAIR

Convenient, though somewhat confusing, these fork dust seals work on both Showa and Sachs Forks for the models listed below.

Sachs Fork Models:

  • '21 Tuono V4 1100 (base models)
  • '16-'20 Tuono V4 1100 RR
  • '11-'15 Tuono V4
  • '21 RSV4 1100 (base models)
  • '16-'20 RSV4 RR
  • '11-'15 RSV4-R
  • '07-'16 Shiver*
  • '09-'16 Dorsoduro 750*
  • '10-'13 Dorsoduro 1200
  • '14-'17 Caponord 1200
  • '16-'17 Caponord 1200 Rally
  • '08-'15 Mana, Mana GT*

Showa Fork Models:

  • '09-'10 RSV4-R (Black Fork, Silver Slider)
  • '04-'05 RSVR (Black Fork, Silver Slider)
  • '98-'03 Mille (Black Fork, Silver Slider)
  • '00-'03 Falco (Black Fork, Silver Slider)
  • '02-'05 Tuono (Black Fork, Silver Slider)
  • '06-'10 Tuono (Black Fork, Silver Slider)
  • '01-'04 Futura (Silver Fork, Silver Slider)

Please note: These are the dust seals only. Oil seals are sold separately.

*Please note: These dust seals are for Sachs version  and Showa version forks for the above listed models.

Products specifications
20142017ApriliaCaponord 1200 (all variants)
20162017ApriliaCaponord 1200 Rally
20112012ApriliaDorsoduro 1200
20092016ApriliaDorsoduro 750
20082015ApriliaMana GT/Mana
19992003ApriliaMille, Mille-R
20032003ApriliaMille, Mille-R
20012004ApriliaRST Futura
20042009ApriliaRSVR, RSVR Factory
20112015ApriliaTuono V4
Products specifications
Year/Make/Model2014-2017 Aprilia Caponord 1200 (all variants)
Year/Make/Model2016-2017 Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally
Year/Make/Model2011-2012 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200
Year/Make/Model2009-2016 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750
Year/Make/Model2000-2003 Aprilia Falco
Year/Make/Model2008-2015 Aprilia Mana GT/Mana
Year/Make/Model1999-2003 Aprilia Mille, Mille-R
Year/Make/Model2003 Aprilia Mille, Mille-R
Year/Make/Model2001-2004 Aprilia RST Futura
Year/Make/Model2004-2009 Aprilia RSVR, RSVR Factory
Year/Make/Model2002-2005 Aprilia Tuono
Year/Make/Model2006-2010 Aprilia Tuono
Year/Make/Model2011-2015 Aprilia Tuono V4