Ilmberger Lower Fairing For '09-'15 RSV4-R, RSV4 Factory, RSV4 APRC.
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Ilmberger Lower Fairing

For '09-'15 RSV4-R, RSV4 Factory, RSV4 APRC

*Does not fit '16 and newer RSV4 because those models have a deeper sump (oil pan)

One often wonders how you can make what is already an exclusive hypersports motorcycle even more appealing. The answer? Add carbon fiber.

This carbon fiber lower fairing from Ilmberger (of Germany) not only carries TUV certification, but Ilmberger also has the distinction of being the OEM carbon fiber supplier to Aprilia in the early 2000s.

This lower fairing is not fluid retaining. It is meant for road use.

Often times aftermarket carbon fiber will be pretty to look at but miserably thin, brittle, and with mounting tabs that shatter at the slightest bit of tension. Ilmberger carbon fiber suffers none of these shortcomings and features a carbon fiber panel design that can honestly be said to rival original manufacturer standards.

AF1 Racing's suggested alternative to the now discontinued 895400.

Please note:Due to manufacturing variances some drilling and/or sanding may be required to acheive the perfect fit. Carbon fiber is laid in sheets and then impregnated with resin and inserted into molds. Because of this, some minor aesthetic variances may be seen in the weave of the panel: This is normal. Please do not buy this part expecting to receive a perfectly uniform and symmetrical weave pattern.