Gamma Zinken Rear Brake Pedal Toe Piece - GZ-SM4108568 For V85 TT *See detailed fitment list*
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Gamma Zinken Rear Brake Pedal Toe Piece - GZ-SM4108568

Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.
This is a high grip version of the stock rear brake pedal toe piece AP8121221
This toe piece is used with the stock rear brake pedal 2B005634
The Off-road pedal brake offers the possibility to select two different set up for the brake position to facilitate the braking while standing driving during Off-road.
Built from billet aluminum with CNC machines it’s composed by an aluminium tip, with spring return and a steel structure.
Thanks to it's eccentric it has different possible setups that permits moving the lever location to place the pedal upper or lower as the rider prefers (11mm total adjustment possible).
When you find a good position, tighten the two steel bushing screws and you can then flip the peg 180 degrees thanks to the spring
loaded central pin.
This gives you a tool-less way to change from high setting to low setting.

The individual 8 traction pins are also height adjustable thanks to an allen key fixture in their heads.
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20192020Moto GuzziV85 TT Adventure
20192020Moto GuzziV85 TT Travel
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20212023Moto GuzziV85 TT (Cente, Garda, and Adv)
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