Evotech Performance UK Adjustable Lever Set - Short - For Tuareg

Evotech Performance UK Adjustable Lever Set For Tuareg - Short - ETHDW002764-HDW002868 *Special fitment notes apply*
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Evotech Performance UK Short Brake and Clutch Lever Set - ETHDW002764-HDW002868
For Tuareg
Complete fitment list at bottom of this page

Includes one brake and one clutch lever

Approximately 1 1/8ths inch (30mm) shorter than the stock lever.

Precise, six-position adjustable, billet aluminum levers.

***Critical Note: Despite its brilliance in nearly every aspect, the Tuareg's front brake lever design dates to the 1970s. Because of this arcahic part, exceptional care must be taken when installing a new front brake lever:

On the Tuareg, the master cylinder piston return can be adjusted by the slot head fastener (called the Push Rod Adjuster Cup) seen in this image. When replacing the lever you must adjust the lever free play (at the ball end of the lever) to be 3-5mm (1/8th to 3/16th's inch) as illustrated in this image. A safe starting point is to set the Push Rod Adjuster Cup to sit flush with the pivot body as shown in this image. Any time a new front brake lever is installed, hoist the front wheel in the air and spin it to ensure that it both spins freely and stops when the lever is squeezed. If the lever free play is greater than 5mm, turn then slot head in by 1/2 turn increments only. Over tightening the slot head can result in sudden front wheel lock up. A futher complication is that the adjustment may change as heat builds up in the front brake system from riding, or as ambient temperatures increase. For this reason we recommend leaving the ball end adjustment closer to the 5mm specification.

*Please note: If fitting to 2017 and newer models,  adjustment of the clutch switch trigger may be necessary to maintain correct auto-blipper function. Again, adjustment is NOT mandatory and should only be done if QS or AutoBlip function is not correct after this lever is installed.

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