Aprilia Corse Carbon Fiber "Misano" Winglet Kit for RSV4's -CO5100471  For '09-'20 RSV4 (all variants)
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Aprilia Corse Carbon Fiber "Misano" Winglet Kit for RSV4's -CO5100471

Complete fitment list at bottom of this page.
Does not fit Tuono V4, the Tuono side panels are not big enough.
This is the carbon fiber winglet kit inspired by the Aprilia MotoGP RS-GP racer. These winglets are stock on the 2018 RSV4 RF Misano Special Edition.
There is also a winglet kit offered by Aprilia's accessory department that includes not only the winglets but also carbon fiber caliper coolers and is typically cheaper.
*Please note: You must drill 8 holes in your stock fairings (4 holes in the Left and 4 holes in the Right) to install this kit. Installation instructions are provided in .pdf format, but since any drilling error will result in a destroyed $350+ side fairing, the installation of this kit is not for the faint of heart.
The winglet template is provided with this kit, but for posterity, here is theĀ Winglet Template in .pdf format andĀ here is a .jpg photo showing correct orientation of the template.

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