AF1 Racing European Headlight Wiring For '11-'15 Tuono V4
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AF1 Racing European Headlight Wiring 

For '11-'15 Tuono V4

NOTE: Does not work with Tuono 1100

This no-cut, plug and play wiring kit dramatically improves the brightness of the headlights by setting on both the LH and RH low beams on at the same time. When on the high beam setting, both the LH and RH high beams are on at the same time.

Kit requires no splicing and plugs directly into the existing harness on your Tuono V4

Installation Video (link to youtube) here: Front Fairing Removal

Installation Notes Below:

1) Protect front fender with thick cloth.
2) Begin front fairing removal by taking out the 4 large Phillips bolts behind headlight assembly (might need a short Phillips head screwdriver on two of them).
3) Remove the outer bolt on each air duct with an allen wrench. DO NOT remove the inner one. The inner one is simply a post-and-rubber grommet to hold the air duct steady and to absorb some vibration… the air ducts slip right off (pulls away from) the inner bolt once you have the outer one removed.
4) Carefully remove 5 plastic push pins from the bottom of the front fairing with a flat head screwdriver.
5) Unhook the side panels by unscrewing the allen bolt from the long silver spacer and then gently slide the panel (a tad less than a half inch) to the rear of the bike. There is another push pin in this panel as well that must be removed.
6) Remove the bottom of the three screws of the windscreen with an allen wrench.
7) Pull the entire front fairing unit forward about 6 inches.
8) Disconnect white main wiring connector. It is white and is near the round horn (which is still attached to the bike).
9) The front fairing unit now can come off. Pull it forward towards the front. Everything comes off as one unit (Headlights, upper, windscreen, air ducts, and turn signals-- all as one big unit).
10) Dismantle the turn signals to plug the new wires from your new harness in.
11) Install the new plug and play harness by unhooking one wire and reconnecting it with replacement. Note wear the zip ties go.
12) Make sure you do your best to follow where the wires are run.
13) Reassemble in reverse order.

Products specifications
20112015ApriliaTuono V4
Products specifications
Year/Make/Model2011-2015 Aprilia Tuono V4