AF1 Racing RSV4 Tail Conversion Kit - White  For '11-'19 Tuono V4 (all variants)
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AF1 Racing RSV4 Tail Conversion Kit - White*

For '11-'20 Tuono V4 (all variants)

*Note that the white used in this kit is NOT a perfect match for the '15 Tuono V4 ABS. This kit is comprised of Glossy white panels. The '15 Tuono V4 ABS uses flat white panels.

This kit is comprised of OEM Parts and includes all the parts you need to install the beautiful RSV4 Tailsection on the Tuono V4.

Kit is 100% complete and includes all OEM parts, there will be no surprise trips to the hardware store.

Kit includes all needed fasteners, push pins, and comes with seat bracket with rivet-nuts pre-installed. This kit does require you to re-use some fasteners from the stock Tuono bodywork, this prevents doubling up on hardware you already have from the stock bike.

Kit does not include seat cowl kit which is sold separately. (RSV4 Passenger Saddle available separately as well).

Installation instructions have not yet been written, but this kit can be installed by any home mechanic that is comfortable with removing the fuel tank (necessary to remove the rear fairing push pins) and removing rear bodywork. A full installation video can be seen on Youtube at this link: RSV4 Tail Conversion For Tuono V4

Areas to be careful during installation include:

  • Installation of rear taillight cover (part #858839) is a little tricky because the taillight cover has rolled lips to securely snap in the rear fairing. Care must be taken to first install the rear fairing tabs, then snap in the rear taillight cover.
  • The passenger pegs must be removed in order to take off the Tuono V4 rear fairings. Passenger pegs can be re-installed once RSV4 rear fairings have been fitted, but this kit does not include the passenger saddle. Passenger saddle for RSV4 fairings is available at this link RSV4 Passenger Saddle
  • A small plastic push pin is used at the forward edge of the Tuono V4 rear fairings. When installing these fairings those push pins are discarded in favor of an M5 clip nut and an M5x12 button head bolt. Clip Nut and M5x12 bolt are included in the kit.

Kit DOES NOT include the "Biaggi Special Edition" decals seen in the photos below. Biaggi Special Edition decals can be purchased at these links: RH Biaggi Decal LH Biaggi Decal

Kit allows you to re-use your stock taillight, but the clear and smoked RSV4 taillights will fit also. Clear and smoked taillights are available at these links:

Clear Taillight

Smoked Taillight

Photo Below for illustrative purposes only.