OEM Aprilia Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer -#831393 Sold Each For Tuareg, RS660, Tuono 660, and '08-'15 Mana, Mana GT
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OEM Aprilia Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer -#831393

Sold Each


  • Tuareg**
  • RS660**
  • Tuono 660**
  • '08-'15 Mana, Mana GT *

**Please note: We have learned that some 2022 model year production RS660, Tuono 660, and Tuareg 660 were fitted with the incorrect oil drain plug during manufacture. The incorrect drain plug will not seal unless three of the 831393 drain plug washers are fitted. AF1 Racing's STRONG recommendation is to replace the incorrect drain plug with theĀ Votex DP007 drain plug, or purchase a known good 1A012848 drain plug. (All of AF1 Racing's Drain Plugs are known and confirmed to be correct).

In addition to the stacked 3 washers, the image below also helps clarify the correct from incorrect drain plug:

*Mana & Mana GT Owners Please note: The Mana uses a somewhat unusual 2 drain plug sealing devices. This crush washer is the primary sealing device, but there is also an O-ring affixed to the drain plug. That O-ring is a secondary sealing device. The O-ring is sold separately as part numberĀ 843186

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