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Vehicle Inventory
EBR - Erik Buell Racing
2011-2014 Tuono V4
2009-2014 RSV4
2014-2015 Caponord 1200
2008-2013 Mana GT / Mana
2008-2014 SL750 Shiver
2011-2012 Dorsoduro 1200
2009-2014 Dorsoduro 750
2004-2009 RSVR 1000
2006-2010 Tuono 1000 R
2006-2011 SXV RXV 4.5/5.5
1998-2003 RSV Mille
2002-2005 RSV Tuono
2000-2003 SL1000 Falco
2001-2004 RST1000 Futura
2002-2007 ETV Caponord
1998-2004 RS250 Cup
2006-2009 RS125
1999-2005 RS50
1997-2001 Pegaso
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What's New
1. TRD Race Start/Kill Switch For RSV4 & Tuono V4
2. Small Parts Organizer 24 Compartment 13 x 9 inches
3. Malossi Dual Element Air Filter - 50cc & 150cc
4. GSC OEM LH (Rear) Brake Lever -GSCP2543300000N
5. Erik Buell Racing Clutch Actuator Kit
6. Erik Buell Racing Exhaust Finish Kit with ECM
7. Malossi Heavy Duty Clutch Bell For 150cc 3V
8. Pit Bull GP Style Rear Stand Top Supports - PAIR
9. Pit-Bull Rear Stand For Moto Guzzi V7
10. Pit Bull Spool Rear Stand, Lightweight
11. Pit Bull SS Rear Stand, Removable Handle
12. TechSpec Tank Grip Set For Aprilia V4 (ABS)
13. Pit-Bull Thumb Adjusters for Pit-Bull Rear Stands
14. Accossato Wiring Extension for Shift Sensor
15. Used GP Style Canister for '99-'10 RS125
16. Agostini Windscreen For Moto Guzzi Griso -CLEAR
17. Agostini Fly Screen For Moto Guzzi Griso -CLEAR
18. Replacement Mistral "db killer" for California 140
19. Guzzi Fine Art, 12x16 Guzzi Engine Print
20. Vespa Fine Art, 12x16 Scooter Print

AF1 Racing now offers a full line of premium AGIP oils, chemicals, and lubricants.

Welcome to the AF1 Racing Service Center

AF1 Racing is nationally recognized as one of the premier Aprilia service centers.  We fix problems other dealers cannot.

Besides dynamometer tuning, we also specialize in:

  • Authorized Aprilia, Vespa and Piaggio service and warranty work
  • Tire mounting and balancing
  • Engine building and special engine projects
  • Racebike preparation
  • Fork rebuilding, revalving and servicing
  • Shock and steering damper installs
  • Exhaust system installs
  • Chain and sprocket installs
  • Brake and clutch work

Our service department is open by appointment only. Call toll-free 877.626.3966 or email for an appointment.

Labor Rates:

  • $100 per hour for all motorcycle and scooter service
  • $100 per hour for dynamometer time with dyno operator.

Tire Change Labor:

  • $75 for both tires, wheels on-bike
  • $40 for one rear, wheel on-bike
  • $35 for one front, wheel on-bike
  • $20 per tire, loose wheels off-bike
  • $4 per tire disposal fee. Texas sales tax on tires only.

For your safety, we do not install tires purchased elsewhere or used tires on street-legal vehicles.

AF1 Racing Dyno Tuning

AF1 Racing is an authorized Factory Pro Tuning Center featuring the latest in tuning technologies to enhance the performance of your motorcycle. We are capable of tuning just about anything with two wheels.

  • Factory Pro EC997A Dynamometer with 4-gas EGA
  • State-of-the-art Dyno Room
  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Dyno Operators
  • Sportbikes, Cruisers, Scooters, Motards, and Dirtbikes
  • We Tune Championship Winning Motorcycles

Our Dyno Service is open by appointment only. Call toll-free 877.626.3966 or email for an appointment.

Labor Rate:

  • $100 per hour for dynamometer time with dyno operator.
  • $75 Base Line Run only

Eddy-Current Chassis Dynamometer Information

To get the most horsepower and performance out of your engine, AF1 Racing utilizes the latest in dynamometer technology. We exclusively use the Factory Pro EC997a eddy-current low-inertia dynamometer. An eddy-current style of dynamometer is far superior to an inertia-style dynamometer (most DynoJet dynes) in terms of its accuracy and capabilities. An inertia-style dyno is a glorified accelerometer, while an eddy-current dynamometer provides real-world loading of the engine. Only a true eddy-current style of dynamometer is capable of step-tests, where the eddy-current brake holds the engine at specific RPM data points and measures HP and torque in real-time steady-state. Testing steady-state, where drum acceleration equals zero, is the only way to get accurate EGA data, True horsepower readings, and real-world loading. Having the capability to tune steady-state is the only way to accurately tune EFI-equipped motorcycles and flatslide carburetors.

HP = (Torque x RPM) / 5252 and Torque = (HP x 5252) / RPM

An inertia style dynamometer measures HP and torque by calculating the acceleration of a heavy drum during a rapid sweep test. You cannot hold steady-state on an inertia dynamometer (accelerometer) making EFI and flatslide tuning impossible at best. How does one test highway cruise and part throttle when you have to accelerate the drum just to get a reading? An eddy-current dynamometer measures rear wheel torque with a load cell while the engine is loaded steady-state at any specific RPM we choose. Think of it like a giant torque wrench where the brake provides resistance against the force of the tire. After measuring torque with the load cell on an eddy-current dynamometer, calculating HP is easy. Horsepower is a simple function of torque and RPM.

Our dynamometer also features a super light roller that is quick to react to load changes and power outputs, which enables us to very precisely tune EFI-equipped bikes, and flatslide carburetors. Our Factory Pro eddy-current dynamometer is not affected by gearing changes, wheel inertia changes, tires sizes, or tire pressures. It reads True HP corrected to SAE atmospheric conditions. It is 0.2 HP accurate every single day, every single run ever done at any Factory Pro tuning center. We can accurately compare any two sessions any Factory Pro dynamometer has ever done. No other machine comes close to its repeatability and accuracy. Expect your HP numbers to be around 12-17% lower with our dynamometer when compared to inertia-type dynes commonly used in magazines and at other shops. Our machine can run anything from scooters, cruisers, HDs, dirtbikes with knobbies, two strokes, and AMA Superbikes.

Diagnostic Dynamometer Session with 4-gas EGA

  • Full throttle step tests done at specific RPM increments to measure true maximum HP and Torque steady state with 4-gas EGA.
  • Diagnostic steady-state step tests at various 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10% throttle openings and at various RPM data points with 4-gas EGA. These tests simulate real-world medium to light engine loads, part throttle cruise, and off-idle responses.
  • Idle mixture analysis with 4-gas EGA. Test will show how to improve idle quality
  • Printouts of data. All your data is archived with us for comparison to future runs.
  • Interpretation of the results and suggestions for improvement

The 4-gas EGA measures %CO, %CO2, HC (ppm), and %O2. Using a 4-gas EGA and not a Lambda (A/F) sensor is the most accurate way of collecting exhaust gas data. We have the only dynamometer in Central Texas that can do this.

Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover RSV4 & Tuono V4 GLOSSY
View More
Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover RSV4 & Tuono V4 GLOSSY

Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover for RSV4 and Tuono V4 Gorgeous and thick carbon weave with a durable glossy clearcoat. This is some of the nicest carbon we've seen.

Our Price: $107.99

InvisiGard Pegaso Cube Paint Protection Film Kit
View More
InvisiGard Pegaso Cube Paint Protection Film Kit

Protect your paint with this clear film pre-cut specifc for the Pegaso ('99-'02). Fourteen piece kit.

Our Price: $99.99

Bitubo Adjustable Rear Shock For '99-'10 RS125
View More
Bitubo Adjustable Rear Shock For '99-'10 RS125

Bitubo Adjustable Rear Shock For '99-'10 RS125.

Our Price: $359.99

Arrow Slip on Exhaust For V4
View More
Arrow Slip on Exhaust For V4

Arrow Slip on Exhaust for '09-'14 RSV4-R, RSV4 Factory, RSV4 APRC and '11-'14 Tuono V4 Avaliable in Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and Titanium Can. All cans come with Carbon Fiber end cap.

Our Price: $749.99

ST Stands Strapless Motorcycle Transport System
View More
ST Stands Strapless Motorcycle Transport System

ST Stands Strapless Motorcycle Transport System for '09-'14 RSV4, '11-'14 Tuono V4, '98-'03 RS250, '98-'03 Mille, Mille-R, '00-'03 Falco, '02-'05 Tuono, '04-'09 RSVR, RSVR Factory, and '06-'10 Tuono

Our Price: $249.99

OEM Fuel Tank 12 Litre -#855943 (ex 851421)
View More
OEM Fuel Tank 12 Litre -#855943 (ex 851421)

OEM Aprilia Fuel Tank 12 Litre -#855943 (ex 851421 ex 851170) Sold Each

Our Price: $345.89

Woodcraft Mille / Tuono Rearsets w/GP Shift
View More
Woodcraft Mille / Tuono Rearsets w/GP Shift

Woodcraft Mille / Tuono Rearsets w/GP Shift

Our Price: $349.99

OEM Aprilia RSVR Factory Rear Seat
View More
OEM Aprilia RSVR Factory Rear Seat

Genuine Aprilia rear seat for '04-'05 RSVR Factory.

Our Price: $111.40

Carbon Fiber Chin Pillar for RSV4
View More
Carbon Fiber Chin Pillar for RSV4

Gorgeous and thick carbon weave with a durable glossy clearcoat. This is some of the nicest carbon we've seen. Includes Oil Cooler Mesh Protection

Our Price: $154.99

*RED* Aprilia Logo Hat
View More
*RED* Aprilia Logo Hat

Aprilia Logo Hat Fitted cap with elastic headband, durable and colorful embroidery

Our Price: $24.99

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