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Updated: October 17, 2018

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OEM Aprilia Front Rotor, VDB - 855366 (APU_855366-180528)

OEM Aprilia Front Rotor, VDB - 855366

OEM Aprilia Front Brake Rotor, VDB - 855366

Standard on '07 SXV 5.5 Van Den Bosch.

Can be installed as an upgrade on all '06-'10 SXV 4.5/5.5

Rotor weighs 1286 grams (2.84 lbs)

Despite looking identical to the stock SXV front brake rotor, this rotor is nearly 1 pound lighter (.85 lbs to be exact).

Any chance you get to shed nearly 1 pound of unsprung weight for a reasonable cost, is a chance you shouldn't miss!

Retail is $420, being sold at a discount due to overstock/closeout status.

Please note: As these rotors have been in storage for over 11 years, some superficial scuffs and cosmetic scrapes should be expected (see image below):



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