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Updated: June 22, 2018

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AGIP Top Synthetic 2T Oil - TWO STROKE OIL


This Agip/ENi oil is a refinement of the previous "City 2T" formula that gives superior performance with less smoke, and reduced carbon deposits.

Works in both oil injection systems and pre-mix

Aprilia Recommended Lubricant for '99-'05 RS50, '98-'04 RS250, '06-'09 RS125, '01-'04 Scarabeo 50 Ditech, '00-'04 SR50 Ditech, '04-'08 SR50 Ditech Factory, '08-'09 SR50 Ditech Factory, '99-'04 Mojito 50.


1 Liter bottle

Synthetic performance high grade low smoke 2-stroke lubricant. Special scooter formula for air and water cooled engines. Premium injector/premix formula. Decreases smoke, reduces carbon build up, increases considerably the engine life, stops plug fouling, piston scuffing and drastically improves piston life. Low smoke formula leaves the exhaust clean of residues.

AGIP Oil, AGIP Lubricants, and AGIP Coolants are recommended for all Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio products.


Orders containing this item can only be shipped by UPS Ground. This item cannot be shipped Internationally.



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