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Updated: October 17, 2018

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Engine Rebuild Kit COMPREHENSIVE - XV 4.5 '08-'11 (AF1-XV45-08-1-AF1-XV45-2)

Engine Rebuild Kit COMPREHENSIVE - XV 4.5 '08-'11

Engine Rebuild Kit, COMPREHENSIVE*, For '08-'11 production*** SXV 4.5 and RXV 4.5

Kit is composed of all OEM Aprilia parts and is designed to be a best guess kit to include the items most likely required when doing a COMPREHENSIVE* (including pistons and liners) engine re-build job.

This kit is for '08-'11 production*** 450cc engines.

  • For RXV 4.5 this kit will be correct for an engine number higher than 3013
  • For SXV 4.5 this kit will be correct for an engine number higher than 3020

    Click this link to see where to find your engine number: Engine Number Location

    Kit includes:

  • Piston With Rings, Pin, and Circlip (quantity 2)
  • Cylinder (quantity 2)
  • Valve Lifter Bucket (quantity 4)
  • Valve Cover Bolt Seal Ring (quantity 8)
  • Safety Washer For Cam Chain Gear
  • Valve Stem Seal (quantity 8)
  • Clutch Cover O-Ring
  • Clutch Cover Gasket
  • Ignition Cover Gasket
  • Valve Cover Gasket (quantity 2)
  • Cylinder Head Gasket (quantity 2)
  • Cylinder Base O-Ring (quantity 2)
  • Starter Shaft O-Ring (quantity 2)
  • Water Pump Cover O-Ring
  • Water Pump Inlet O-Ring
  • Oil Seal, Water Pump Shaft and Oil Pump Shaft (quantity 2)
  • Oil Seal Oil Pump Shaft
  • Oil Seal, Stator Cover
  • Water Pump Shaft O-Ring (quantity 2)
  • ThreeBond Liquid Gasket #1207-B
  • Connecting Rod Bushing, Yellow (quantity 4)**
  • Connecting Rod Bushing, Green (quantity 4)**
  • Connecting Rod Bushing, Blue (quantity 4)**
  • Crankshaft Bushing, Yellow (quantity 4)**
  • Crankshaft Bushing, Green (quantity 4)**
  • Crankshaft Bushing, Blue (quantity 4)**
  • Oil Seal Primary Side, Crankshaft
  • Water Pump Shaft Bearing
  • Connecting Rod Bolts (quantity 4)
  • Pressure Adjust Piston
  • Spring For Pressure Adjust Piston
  • O-Ring For pressure adjust piston cap
  • Oil Seal, Oil Pump Shaft, External
  • Oil Pump Housing O-Ring
  • Factory Service Manual Digital Download

    *Please Note: This kit is a 'best guess' based on similar previous sales and experience. This kit may not include all required parts needed to perform a reseal, and this kit may also include extra parts not required for your given level of damage. AF1 Racing recommends to tear down your engine before ordering any parts, but if that is not possible, this kit is designed to work for the majority of reseal jobs. PARTIAL KITS CAN NOT BE RETURNED.

    ** Please note: This kit includes all possible crankshaft and connecting rod plain bearing combinations. There will be leftover plain bearings. There is no way to know which sizes will be required unless the engine is disassembled prior to ordering. PARTIAL KITS CAN NOT BE RETURNED.

    ***Please Note: This kit can NOT be ordered as an "upgrade" for '06 or '07 production 4.5. You must order according to your engine number because the crankcase and heads are machined differently.



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