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Updated: June 20, 2018

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Aprilia Alpinestar Trail Jacket (AP872009X)

Aprilia Alpinestar Trail Jacket

Aprilia Alpinestar Trail Jacket

This officially licensed Aprilia Alpinestar Trail Jacket is perfect for protecting you from thorns and brambles while you rip down your favorite trail. This jacket has also proven to be useful as a light-medium weight road jacket for AF1 Racing employees during street commuting.


  •  Breast pockets, hip pockets (inside and outside) and large back pocket
  • Detachable sleeves for optional vest mode 
  •  Double velcro flaps over a durable zipper for a tight seal
  •  Adjustable waist straps 

Retail $189.99

Sizing chart at bottom of this page.

*This jacket is “non-technical” it has no shoulder, elbow, nor back pads. It does not have slots or sleeves for shoulder, elbow, nor back pads to be inserted

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