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1. Replacement Springs for K-Tech Tracker Cartridges
2. K-Tech Razor 3 Rear Shock -PAIR- for V7's
3. OEM Vespa 946 Armani Left Grip - #CM258403
4. OEM Vespa 946 Armani Right Grip - #CM258404
5. K-Tech Razor 4 Rear Shock -PAIR for V7's
6. K-Tech Tracker Front Fork Cartridge Kit for V7's
7. OEM Aprilia LH Rear Fairing Decal -2H001287
8. OEM Aprilia RH Rear Fairing Decal -2H001286
9. LH Lower Fairing Decal "Aprilia Racing" -2H001297
10. RH Lower Fairing Decal "Aprilia Racing" -2H001296
11. OEM Aprilia LH Mid Fairing Decal "A" -2H001285
12. Arrow Aluminum Slip-Ons for RSVR, '06- Tuono
13. Agostini Passenger Backrest & Support, BLACK
15. FOOT REST ASSY - 6732010090
16. CHAIN CPL.CONN.LINK - 2R000269
18. PR16/19 radial front master cylinder - 2B002023
20. KM V7 DASHBOARD - 2D000232
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AF1 Racing now offers a full line of premium AGIP oils, chemicals, and lubricants.

OEM Aprilia Key Blank with Transponder Chip (AP8104622)

OEM Aprilia Key Blank with Transponder Chip

Genuine Aprilia key blank with transponder chip for '04-'11 SR 50 Factory, and '01-'04 Atlantic 500.

This key blank can be taken to any locksmith to be cut as a spare key.

An Aprilia dealer can program the transponder chip in the key.

SR50 owners can program the key at home by following the procedure given in this excerpt from the factory service manual: SR50 Key Programming Instructions

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Genuine Aprilia socket head bolt with (Thin Rim) for all Aprilia motorcycles and scooters.


NGK ZMR7AP Spark Plug for '04-'11 SR50 Ditech Factory. AF1 Recommended alternative to OEM -#2BEN000319


Fuel filter - AP8202402 (ex AP8202436) For '00-'04 SR50 Ditech, '04-'08 SR50 Ditech Factory, and '09-'13 SR50 Factory

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