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Updated: February 23, 2018

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Spiegler Rear Brake Line Red Trans w/Gold Banjos (SPG-S-AP0030-102)

Spiegler Rear Brake Line Red Trans w/Gold Banjos
Spiegler Rear Brake Line Red Trans w/Gold Banjos

For '09-'12 RSV4 (all variants) and '11-'13 Tuono V4 (all variants)


In addition to being the most attractive brake lines in the motorcycle industry, Spiegler lines are also the strongest (tensile strength) and most versatile (patented design banjo fittings allow full rotation to eliminate twist).

*This product does not include Banjo Bolts. This product does not include crush washers.

**The brake line in this ad fits only the above listed models, but thanks to Spiegler's large catalog with 10 line color options, 10 banjo/fitting color options, and a further 10 banjo bolt color and finish options, the custom brake line to suit your exact needs is just an email to AF1 Racing away.

If you want to go full Grand Prix spec, you may want to add the awesome Stabuli of Italy hydraulic dry brake fittings to your custom line. (Prices start at $139.00, for each fitting). Images below.

***Due to the Hard Line to Soft Line transition along the inner frame of ABS equipped V4 models, ABS compatible lines are not presently available. However if you plan on doing an ABS delete for your V4, Spiegler lines are a great compliment to the project.

Additional Images:

A few of the Spiegler Color Options  View of the Inline Dry Brake  Dry Brake Version with Integrated Banjo 



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