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Updated: July 20, 2018

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Mistral Satin Cygar Slip-Ons for V7's (MGCYGARS)

Mistral Satin Cygar Slip-Ons for V7's

Mistral Satin Cygar Slip-Ons  

For V7 Stone, V7 Stone II, V7 Special, V7 Special II, V7 Classic

Traditional cigar shaped canister design to honor the classic Guzzi styling. Improves sound and weighs significantly less than stock.

To mount these mufflers properly as shown, you must flip the stock muffler mounts.

This is a great looking and sounding set of mufflers.

Mistral exhaust components are top quality products designed and built by craftsmen in the city of Mandello del Lario, which is the home town of Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

The sound produced by Guzzis running Mistral products is the classic Guzzi sound of Mandello.

Mistral mufflers are Europe's top-selling performance exhaust for Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Mistral mufflers come equipped with removable "db killers” which are secondary internal baffles located at the rear of the muffler that are held in place with a small screw.

Most owners run their Mistrals with the db killers removed in order to obtain the fullest sound. 

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You Save : $70.00 (10%)


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